Trauma-Informed Doula Program

Sacred Story Keeper

As a Doula, you are the primary witness of birth and you hold the sacred birth story. You witness (and hear) everything – the glory and the gory. You are 'givers' by nature and most likely entered birthwork ignited by passion and love. The downside is that you are at risk of giving too much resulting in compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress (STS). Would you like to learn how to embody and embrace your role as a Sacred Story Keeper, and learn the art of holding space in the postpartum? 

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Your role is more powerful than you know. You hold sacred medicine as a witness and ear to transformation. Learn how to embody this power.



Embody the language and the skills to mitigate potential traumatic injury for both you and the family you serve.

The Guiding Point of View

​​To learn the skill of holding space for birth and healing, you earn it, by doing your deep inner work. 


The Sacred Story Keeper was somehow more than I anticipated it would be (and I had high expectations to begin with). I will use the tools and insight that I obtained so far not only in my doula practice, but when listening to the stories of trauma outside of birth. - SSK Member

The in person portion allowed for a deeper invitation to unpacking my own trauma and recognizing the barriers and challenges our own clients may be experiencing when being faced with their own story - SSK Member

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Hello, Nice to meet you ...

Professionally I hold an MA in counselling psychology and I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor with nearly 20 years of experience in maternal health and psychology studies. I have worn many hats: doula, childbirth educator, advocate, writer, midwifery student and apprentice, and therapist. I am located in Canada, and I use my expertise and voice to help advance the dialogue on maternal mental health, childbirth trauma and trauma-informed care for childbirth professionals. Deeply, I inspire women to bravely engage in their healing journey. And, my leading point of view is: As caregivers we do not learn the skill of holding space for healing, we earn it, by doing our deep inner work. 

As A Sacred Story Keeper

You will Learn...


  • How to set up a safe foundation for emotional processing

  • Learn about trauma-informed care

  • How to prevent compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress as a Doula

  • Engage in conversations about your scope of practice 

  • Learn emotional intelligence skills

  • Embody the art of holding space

  • Claim the invisible skills of the doula

  • Learn how to weave the birth story from trauma to transformation

Ready to Become Trauma-Informed

Open Enrollment

Start the online program anytime throughout the year. Engage in 8 modules of learning to deepen your knowledge in trauma-informed care. 

Embody the knowledge during our LIVE in person weekend workshop where all the magic happens. 

Weekend Retreat

Next in person workshop will be held in Calgary, AB.

March 21 + 22. 

When you register for the program you receive online training + two day workshop + community forum for mentorship and support.